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My name is Chris McDaniel, and I'm the owner of Senoia Scapes, LLC. Back in July of 2010 (wow, that sounds strange..."back" in 2010), I had been married for one month to a wonderful woman who had already put up with me for 7 years. She had a full time job as an artist for a well known clothing company, and I was working full time at a metro atlanta fire department, and another one for an ambulance service. We had been working hard for 5 years like this so that we could have a good start in life, but now that we were married, it was time for a change.

I took over a lawn service in Peachtree City in July of 2010, hoping to eventually replace my wife's income when we were ready for children. Well, the first child came very soon. Our beautiful daughter was born in June of 2011, and my wife and I agreed it was time for her to be a stay-at-home mom. My small lawn business was stable, so by Thanksgiving of 2011, she had worked her last day in the corporate world. So far, this has been one of the best decisions we have made (second, of course, to getting married and deciding to have children). I have now discovered a love for entrepreneurship, leadership, and customer service. In April of 2012, I changed the name of my business to Senoia Scapes, LLC. My wonderful artist of a wife designed me a logo, and I hired my first full time employee. (I have routinely hired off-duty firemen, but never had any full time employees aside from myself.)

To this day, I am convinced that I am not in the lawn care industry. I am in the customer service industry. My customers know and recognize the people taking care of their property. My employees know their customers' names, faces, pets, and yards very well because the same employees cut the same yards regularly. We hope we will soon be providing you with the same level of customer service we provide all of our customers. 

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Chris McDaniel, Owner
Senoia Scapes, LLC